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Lowest Price
The Quality Audit Team will be responsible for monitoring the performance to ensure that the laid down quality standards are adhered to. We further believe that the best result for the assignment is possible if we deploy our quality audit team for such a period that the client requires Assuring you of our best services and hoping to hear from you in response.

Why Glob Eye Security Only ?

Presently a lot of security agencies of all hues and colors are operating in Gujarat State. Most of them are being run by individuals without any security background or formal training in security concerns of an organization. Theft, Pilferage, Fires and Sabotage are real threats which eat up the assets and profits of an organization. If effectively kept in check by employing professionals in security techniques the very same threats can be negated resulting in increased PROFITS.

We screen and employ only those individuals who meet our quality standards of being physically fit, robust, sincere, faithful and disciplined. We ensure that if not already trained they are trained in performing field security duties, basic fire fighting, first aid and maintenance of all mandatory registers normally used for control of in and out flow of goods, vehicles and persons. Therefore our men are not just 'Chowkidars' But Security Guards in real sense. In order to ensure that our Guards are Presentable and Not Any 'Chappal' wearing, 'Beedi' smoking and 'Gutka' chewing individual, we insist that they wear the prescribed Uniform and carry Whistle, Lathi,Torch etc as per the requirement. Over a period of time we have pieced together a reliable team of supervisory staff who would be Available at all time to carry out the wishes of our valued our valued clients. Our, Manager Operation's visits all sites daily to maintain liaison with the concerned staff. You will never have to look over your shoulder to find us.